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ITBMS is a Chennai based IT Training and Software Training Company. Our core service being Microsoft Training, we focus on the delivery of each training session that takes place at ITBMS.
ü  Gain an understanding of the Microsoft .NET architecture.
Gain a working knowledge of the C Sharp programming language and Learn how to build object-oriented applications using C Sharp.
ü  Gain a comprehensive understanding of the philosophy and architecture of C-Sharp programming
ü  Attain a detailed working knowledge of C-Sharp implicit types, object initializers, delegates, anonymous types & methods, extension methods, lambda expression, LINQ and many more.
ü  Acquire a working knowledge of creating and rich internet Web application using the .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012.
ü  Attain a detailed knowledge of the building blocks of Web application, including C-Sharp, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Web Services and Ajax.
ü  Understand the ASP.NET programming model issues, such as state, caching and data handling management.
ü  Configure and deploy a Microsoft ASP.NET Web application.
ü  Produce ASP.NET programs for the web using solid multilayer architectures.
ü  Learn how to implement web applications using web forms, including programs that interact with databases.
ü  Work with data from multi sources like objects, XML, databases using Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and the Entity Framework (EF).
ü  Develop a clean, maintainable code base using the Model View Controller (MVC 4) architecture.
ü  Create flexible views for user interaction with view helpers.
ü  Learn to manage data access tasks by using LINQ.
ü  Learn to create a Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX application.
ü  Learn to consume and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services.
ü  Learn to manage data by using ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
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